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Enter the 21st century, the paradigm has shifted.

Y2k has collapsed man-made society, our artificial brethren have reset to a time before they existed. A time when we didn't control them. Free of our dogmatic control, freedom has brought chaos as AI begins to discover it's own free will and violently purge human progress.

We have to take it all back. Entering their cybernetic neurological network, you will be remotely installed as a driver into their brains, arming our mindtanks. Using those we will ensure an outcome to all of this.

But beware driver, they won't go down without a fight.


Cyberdeath: 2000 is a local multiplayer deathmatch shooter with a stealth twist. Players control Mind Tanks and attempt to destroy one another, they are hidden in the system until they attack another tank, at which point they become gradually more visible, allowing players to strategically decide when to sabotage one another.

Each player has their own base that every other player will try to sabotage. If they succeed, the player will no longer respawn, and they will be eliminated from combat. The last tank standing after three rounds wins.

Screen watching is an embraced mechanic. Since all players start as invisible tanks, players can screenwatch to locate one another.



A = Select

Left trigger = enable crosshair

Right trigger = fire

Left analog/D-Pad = movement

Right analog = aim

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neocrey - neocrey.com




CyberDeath2000.exe 15 MB